“To provide education and brain fitness to people of all ages through training and therapy”.

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Years ago, brain science was a mystery. Today, we understand so much more than ever before! For instance, today we know that:

  • Our brains have the lifelong ability to adapt and build. It’s true! No matter how old we get, our brains are always finding new and better ways to reorganize neural pathways (information highways, if you will) and even build brand new ones.
  • These neural “information highways” form the basis of our cognitive skills. Cognitive skills not only make up IQ, they also determine how efficiently we’re able to process information in every area of our lives.
  • No matter how old we get, our mental abilities (and even IQ!) are never “set in stone.” Because the brain is always adapting and building, our ability to think, remember and learn is never static—it can always be upgraded and improved!

The brain’s ability to adapt and grow—reorganizing neural pathways and even creating new ones—is called “neuroplasticity.” Neuroplasticity is the science behind brain training and the basis of each of BFiT’s Brain Training programs.

With cognitive skills assessment we are able to guide the individual towards the appropriate brain training program. Brain-training programs are founded on pedagogical and neurological researches which demonstrate that weak underlying cognitive skills account for the majority of learning difficulties. Specific brain-training exercises can strengthen these weaknesses, leading to increased academic performance.

Here’s how it works. Our intense mental exercises—done one-on-one with a trainer in a coaching environment—improve cognitive skills. These skills make up your IQ and make it possible for you to think, read, learn, pay attention and recall information when you need it.

This means we never have to “settle” for the mental skills we currently have. The way our brain thinks, reads, learns, pays attention and remembers is never set in stone. It can always be improved.

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A registered clinical psychologist and a certified cognitive skills trainer, Shilpa comes with 22 years of rich experience in the field of counselling and psychologist education assessments and interventions for children and adults. She also works as a consultant for various organizations and schools and has been featured on prominent news channels. Through B FiT (Brain Fitness for All) she and her team of specialists enhance learning ability for both struggling and advanced individuals by blending cognitive training programs and emotional counselling. The vast possibilities that the brain offers propelled Shilpa Karia to begin BFIT- one of its kind centres in India, devoted to creating awareness and advocacy regarding the importance of brain fitness. The scientific evidence-based programs offered at the centre realize Shilpa’s vision of ‘TRAINING THE BRAIN, TO UNLOCK ONE’S POTENTIAL’. Having now completed its second year, B FiT has helped many individuals understand and develop their own unique talents and abilities. Modern education needs to keep pace with the advances made in science and technology. Numerous researchers on the brain highlight the fact that brain has a wonderful capacity to learn throughout life. B FiT hopes to revolutionize the idea of brain fitness across the country for smarter brains learns faster.
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