Rocket Explore-Improve your brain’s processing speed in this fun trip to outer space!


Age Group:   It is suitable for all age groups .

No. of Player: 2 to 4


Benefits :


  • It builds focus and attention.
  • It helps to improve visual perception skills.

Shape your memory- Strengthen your memory with this challenging game that can prove tricky for your senses!


Age Group:3 years-Above   .

No. of Players: 2 and more.


Benefits :


  • It improves attention and concentration.
  • It boosts associative and categorical thinking
  • It builds word knowledge and short-term memory

Match it Up!- Challenge and impress your friends with your quick thinking skills with this fun kaleidoscope of shapes and colors. Bonus: Includes a buzzer too!


Age Group:3 years and Above.

No. of Players: 2 to 6.

Benefits :


  • It enhances processing speed that makes you commit fewer mistakes at work.
  • It helps build visual-motor coordination.

All Around!-set of 36 picture cards helps your preschooler to identify vehicles and also categorize them by air, water and land.


Age Group: 3 to 7years.


Benefits :


  • Portable, can be played as a fun game with your child/ group of friends
  • Excellent tool to gain general and verbal intelligence.

Mix the vegetables: These 59 vegetable picture cards will help in building vocabulary and general awareness.


Age Group:3 -7 years .